While 40 percent of Americans live close to the coast, and could potentially be at risk of flooding from rising seas in the future, it is important to plan for safety. Augurisk provides a simple platform to assess if your current or future home or business is at risk from Coastal Flooding, while also assessing risks for storm events, earthquakes, wildfires, coronavirus, nuclear radiation, and more...

The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (Noaa) has warned that should the current greenhouse gas emissions persist, we could be headed towards a worst-case scenario of a 8.2ft (2.5m) sea level increase by 2100.

While the pace of sea sea level rise is accelerating along the US coastline, inundation and flooding are steadily becoming more likely, according to the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (Vims), which states that the current speed-up in sea level rise started around 2013, caused by ocean dynamics, the loss of ice sheet and melting of large glaciers.

How can I get my Coastal Flooding Risk Assessment ?

1) First, sign-up to Augurisk.com by clicking here.

2) Once you sign-in, you need to acquire one credit or a subscription by going to the Subscription page

3) Create your first project by typing your address, or by finding it on the map:

Project Creation Page. You can type your address or find it on the map.

4) Once you click “Generate Risk Audit”, your project will be generated and you will be forwarded to the Global Overview Page, that will contain a summary of your risk scores for all of the natural hazards and societal risks.

The Global Overview Page shows a summary of your risk score for all natural hazards and societal risks.

5) Click on “Coastal Flooding”. There you will see the Risk Score for your property, alongside projected Elevation and Sea level increase levels for your block for 2050.

Coastal Flooding Risk Assessment page

Note: If you don’t have credits available, your first project will be free and limited. You can click “Upgrade your project” to acquire credits and upgrade to a full project.

Click here to create a free trial account at Augurisk.com.

Augurisk is a platform that provides detailed risk assessments for Earthquakes, Storm events (including tornadoes and hurricanes), Wildfires, Volcano Activity, Coronavirus, Air Pollution, Nuclear Radiation, Socioeconomic Risk and Health Infrastructure.

Once you generate your project, you will also get a detailed risk assessment for all of the aforementioned risks.