New GPT for Crime and Natural Disaster Risk on ChatGPT

New GPT for Crime and Natural Disaster Risk on ChatGPT
The Crime and Disaster Risk GPT on ChatGPT

The progress in AI technology has been remarkable during the last couple of years, with ChatGPT at the forefront.

As part of our effort to explore practical applications of AI in everyday scenarios, we created the Crime & Disaster GPT, which provides comprehensive risk reports on Natural Disasters and Crime to ChatGPT's 180 million users. This release coincides with the upcoming unveiling of the GPT Store.


The Augurisk GPT can be used to compare multiple properties

You now have the ability to inquire about Natural disasters and Crime directly through Chat GPT, while conversing with the Disaster and Crime GPT agent - powered by our 13 proprietary scientific and AI models.

Whether planning a trip or searching for a new home, Augurisk GPT can assist you. Simply ask it to compare multiple locations or properties, helping you make informed decisions about the safest options.

We are excited to see the innovative ways you will utilize Augurisk with ChatGPT.

You can access the Crime & Disaster Risk GPT for free by clicking here.