Flood Warning Extended for Yellowstone River across Montana

Yellowstone River flooding is expected to reach communities in Rosebud, Treasure, Custer, and Prairie Counties.

Flood Warning Extended for Yellowstone River across Montana
Credit: Yellowstone National Park

Record flood waters of the Yellowstone River are expected to affect more communities downstream in Montana on Friday morning. Roads and driveways can be damaged or washed out in places.

Flood warnings have been issued for Rosebud and Treasure Counties until Saturday morning, and for Custer County until Sunday morning (June 16-19, 2022). Minor flooding is possible along the Yellowstone River in Prairie County. The river is expected to rise above flood stage around midday on Friday, and to a crest of 15.0 feet by Saturday morning.

A map of the special flood hazard area for Miles City, Montana. Source: Augurisk

Communities living along the Yellowstone River must prepare for flooding, especially in low lying areas around the river. Areas with protective structures like Forsyth may not flood, but other areas with no protection are at a high risk of flooding.

Residents are advised to avoid attempting to cross flooded roads, as most flood deaths tend to occur in vehicles.

Source: Yellowstone National Park

Since Monday, 10 000 people have been evacuated from Yellowstone National Park, as the rushing flood waters have swept away homes, damaged roads, ripped apart bridges, and broke power lines.

House falls into the Yellowstone River

At least 200 homes were flooded in Red Lodge and Fromberg.

Roads destroyed in Yellowstone

On Wednesday, the flood waters reached Billings, flooding farms and ranches, causing the shutdown of the local water treatment plant.

Rapid snowmelt and heavy rainfall have exacerbated the flooding, triggering mudslides and rockslides in the park. Warm weather forecast for Saturday can further melt the remaining snow on the mountains, which could lead to another flooding event.

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