A gunman killed 10 people, including a police officer, on Monday afternoon at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado. An injured suspect has been taken into custody, according to the authorities.

Ryan Borowski, who was shopping inside the store at the moment of the attack, said he could not believe this was happening in his town: "This feels like the safest spot in America, and I just nearly got killed for getting a soda and a bag of chips."

A crime risk analysis carried out by Augurisk shows that Boulder is actually in a high crime risk zone with 20 violent crimes reported per year.

Crime Risk Score for Boulder, Colorado, Boulder County. Source: Augurisk

This gun attack in Colorado is the seventh mass shooting in the past seven days across the US, including three incidents on Saturday.

The Augurisk Crime Risk Assessment shows many of the areas where the shootings occurred had a high or severe crime risk.

The shooting in Dallas on March 20, where eight people were injured, one of whom died, happened in an area with a high crime risk score - 64%, according to Augurisk.

Crime Risk Score for Technology Blvd, Dallas, Texas. Source: Augurisk

The gun attack in Stockton, California, on March 17, where five people preparing a vigil were shot in a drive-by shooting, happened in an area with a severe crime risk score of 92% and 67 violent crimes reported per year.

Crime Risk Score for Stockton, California, San Joaquin County. Source: Augurisk

The shooting in Atlanta on March 16, where eight people, including six Asian women, were killed in three spas, happened in an area with a severe crime risk of 92% as well.

Crime Risk Score for Atlanta, Georgia, Fulton Country. Source: Augurisk

The Park Manor area in Chicago, where 15 people have been shot, 2 killed on March 14, has a severe Crime Risk Score of 90.36%.

This crime risk assessment has been carried out using Augurisk Now, a mobile app designed to help people stay safe against crime wherever they go. The Augurisk crime rate forecast is produced by a machine learning algorithm based on the expected crime risks using multiple factors and 188 predictors.

It’s simple - you just enter any address in the U.S. and get a detailed analysis of crimes in the area. You can try it out for free.