The Striking Aftermath of Memorial Day Tornadoes

Memorial Day tornadoes left a trail of destroyed houses, damaged properties, and collapsed power lines across Minnesota and South Dakota.

The Striking Aftermath of Memorial Day Tornadoes

29 houses have been destroyed in Forada by an EF-2 tornado, which swept through Minnesota on Monday, May 30th, 2022.

26 local properties got major damage, 35 minor damage, and 11 more properties were affected, according to a damage assessment conducted by the American Red Cross.

Drone Video shows storm's devastation of Forada

The National Weather Service confirmed a long track damage from four tornadoes across 4 counties on Memorial Day, with max wind 100 mph.

A storm survey conducted by the NWS team confirmed the tornado in Forada was at least EF-2 strength, with winds reaching up to 120 mph. Evidence suggests there were multiple vortexes, with a path width reaching half a mile. Suction vortices in multiple vortex tornadoes can add over 100 mph to the ground-relative wind in a tornado circulation.

A smashed car is seen on the property of Guido Neideroest in Forada, Minnesota after a tornado. Author: Jackson Forderer, MPR News

The neighboring Hudson Township had suffered damage to at least 20 homes, and one more home in the nearby Nelson.

On Tuesday, high winds blew over debris across the east shore of Maple Lake, posing additional risks to nearby communities.

So far, it has been the severest year to date, with 228 severe T-storm/Tornado warnings issued through May 31, 2022 for the Twin Cities NWS warning area.  

Source: NSW

Severe thunderstorms developed across eastern South Dakota on Monday morning, and then raced northeast into western Minnesota. The storm produced several fast-moving and rain-wrapped tornadoes, the strongest of which was an EF-3 tornado in Deuel County with wind speeds reaching 140 mph.  

As a result, a transmission tower was twisted and collapsed, a farm lost several outbuildings, and the home was damaged. Also, a grain bin was ripped from the base and flew a mile to the northeast.

Damage as seen on the NWS survey between Goodwin and Altamont, SD, Deuel County

Local communities endured tree damage, flooding, and power outages in the same area heavily hit by a derecho and tornadoes only two and a half weeks ago.

Preparing for tornadoes

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Screenshot from the Augurisk Storm Events risk assessment for Goodwin, South Dakota

7.   Study the map of historical tornado tracks in your area.

Screenshot of the historical tornado tracks from the Augurisk Storm Events risk assessment for Goodwin, South Dakota

Based on the obtained data for your location, review your severe weather safety procedures. If you are at high risk, prepare a safe shelter and supplies.

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